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Friday, February 17, 2017

because ...

I'm starting fresh for the nth time again and no, I don't regret it even though if it's already the nth time that I couldn't even count. Every fresh state taught me a lot of lessons from deciding to move to another platform and even shutting down the previous blog. Now, that I'm back on track, I think it's appropriate to discuss why I did this, why I didn't regret it and just simply, why. 

I've been blogging since I was still a HS freshman student and I'm already on my third year in college so do the math, I'm currently lazy to count. I've been calculating my financial transactions and savings a while ago and figuring and trying out new financial apps that would work for me. Spendee is the best so far but I wanted to have multiple wallets but I couldn't do it because it's already a premium offer and I don't want to spend any money over it. If you have any apps in mind that can offer me with multiple wallets and is easy to use, let me know. 

Going back, I've been blogging on Tumblr and my years there were good. When it comes to numbers — the followers and likes wasn't a problem for me, I think when people like your blog due to content and layout, people will automatically follow you. However, this would depend on their tastes. It was good in a way that I was able to publish personal posts, my love for photography grew (I used to take pictures with a Canon550D), I tweaked codes even though there was a time during my junior year in HS that I didn't attend my computer classes and the engagement through Tumblr mail. I even met awesome people and almost fall in love with someone despite the distance. Tumblr even opened a door for fictional writing which I published two fictional posts back then which was somehow a figment of my dreams. I'm not even kidding here. That blog was I used .net because I used to think .com was too mainstream like duh, I want a different one. 

But I wanted more. I felt that I was being limited by Tumblr and I started to explore different blogging platforms that would suit my taste, challenge my writing and blogging skills and to increase the engagement especially Blogger has its own comment system. Moving to Blogger was sort of going outside my comfort zone. I loved Blogger's writing interface. I felt like words would flow and flow until I realize that it's time to stop than blogging on Tumblr. And Blogger automatically saves my draft while I'm typing so it's a bonus point. I used to get mad on Tumblr especially when I have to save the draft but I couldn't because the tab stopped working. Urgh. 

Blogger offered great opportunities. Companies outside the Philippines sent me e-mails that they wanted to feature my blog. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf PH featured two of my writings. I was hired to make blogs and write a sponsored post which was a heaven-sent because I was able to purchase a laptop. Yay! I met a lot of bloggers virtually all over the world and became friends with them. Overall, I think Blogger is a huge blessing for me. 

Before the shutting down of my previous blog which was hosted on WordPress, I did a lot of thorough thinking and realizations before coming up with a decision. You see, it was not a sudden decision being triggered by emotions of being uninspired and unmotivated. It was so much more. Well, I was happy with the 700+ comments I received with my 15 posts. I was already blogging on WordPress. It was like living in a dream but I grew tired of it. 

Based on experience, I FELT like WordPress is only a blogging platform for those who are too serious in blogging and I'm not even a professional blogger in the first place. Disclaimer: I'm not telling you should stop blogging on WordPress just because you thought you're not a professional blogger and this depends on what blogging platform you're comfortable to use with. This is only based on experience so don't debate on me that WP is better or whatever because we all know we have our own preferences. Anyway, why would I bother to have a hosted blog when I can have it for free here? Who would even bother to report this space when I know I'm not hurting someone that would result for any reports and Blogger would take it down? The plugins were pretty helpful but I don't want Yoast SEO telling me my blog post isn't readable just because it's already long. I don't want to be limited when I grew up as a writer that let her words flow. And I only wanted to blog because I want to write, share and engage with people. Earning money and all that blogger glam are already bonuses. Those will only follow on the right time. 

Jeez, the future expenses that I'm going to face! Even though, I like to save for important things and ask my mom's boyfriend to purchase a domain and template for me as a birthday gift, will have monthly allowances from my scholarship and work in a company,  I couldn't imagine spending my money on a hosting plan. I prefer to use the money on the years of my domain or purchase a new template for a new look. 

It all boils down on how I felt when I was blogging on these platforms which resulted to my inconsistency, being lost and the expenses. Money will always be one of the factors for our decisions. There will always be an opportunity cost and because of that, I moved back to a platform which I'm comfortable to use with even though it's not a 'wow-full package' platform like WordPress. The thing is, having the right blogging platform is one of the keys that will make you a successful blogger. It will make you or break you. 

No, I don't regret moving from one platform to another, deleting my previous blog and starting fresh again when I learned so many from these struggles. I found myself that I belong here. I wouldn't even know the differences if I didn't try out new platforms. As what everyone told me on my previous post entitled 'I was lost', I'm already at home. 

Have you already felt lost and also moved from one platform to another like me? Or you just stayed for good? To anyone who's struggling to which platform you want to blog, don't hesitate to try and change your mind again because that's how we learn and get to know more of ourselves that you're better with this over that until you can say these words, "I'm staying for good."

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