Girl Talk: Periods and the Menstrual Cup

Monday, February 20, 2017

Girl Talk: Periods and the Menstrual Cup
This post isn't for someone who finds menstruation a disgusting subject to talk about when there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's natural and it's a cycle for women. So if you're a man or a woman who doesn't want to talk about this, don't ever try opening this post because I'm trying to discuss my thoughts in regards of the topic above.

Before talking about the cup, I'll introduce you about my body and menstruation. I started having my period at the age of nine. Yeah, I was too young to experience that but it runs in the family. My mom had it when she was 10 years old if I'm not wrong. I was experiencing cramps or what I perceived back then as stomachaches. My mom and grandma tried everything they could do to reduce the sickness I was in. We never thought that Aunt Flow was already knocking on my door. After receiving my medals during my recognition ceremony which I wasn't able to participate actively especially on the dance, my family and I went to the hospital so I could be confined and examined by a doctor on what's wrong with me. They've examined everything and the results were normal. Since everything were normal, we decided to go home and after how many days, I was already on my period. 

Quite a crazy story for me to experience my own period, huh? And now, I'm already experiencing it for a decade. There are months that I'm so thankful to have it knowing I have friends who are having irregular periods and there are months that I just simply hate it. There were even a moment when I was a kid that I was ashamed to ask my classmate if I ever had any leaks just because I was too young and no one in the class had it. I even thought that I was the oldest just because of a freakin' period. 

I only started to get comfortable when I also had a classmate on third grade that was already experiencing her period but we didn't discuss about it much. We weren't that close. Then, one time during my 5th grade, my classmates were silently discussing about something and guess what, period! They were discussing how to use sanitary napkins with or without wings and so much more. I couldn't quite remember if I joined the discussion but I was already happy and relaxed that I knew someone from the class who were also my friends who were experiencing the same thing. I think they were also surprised when I told them that I had it when I was in third grade. Who wouldn't???

When I was in high school, my mom kept on reminding me to track my own period. To be honest, I hate it because I feel like she doesn't trust me. Maybe she thought I'll be having sex with someone anytime soon. Tracking my periods became a habit. Now, that I'm in college, I couldn't be more grateful when I obeyed that little command even though how much I doubted her trust. This tracking habit became a good sign for me that I'm having my period every month even though, I may be days late with it which is terribly horrifying for me. College stress and other problems were also results on my period delays and if I had plans on having my check up, I have my calendars with me and my period tracker. 

Girl Talk: Periods and the Menstrual Cup

We're already finished on my (quite lengthy) introduction of my period, let's go over with my thoughts on the menstrual cup. I heard about this product when I was already in college. I read it all over the Internet and I wanted to be a convert, tbh. But where could I avail one in my country? I went to a seminar in Manila which was the 8th Go Negosyo and I saw a booth there selling menstrual cups which I only discovered last year that it was the Sinaya Cup —  a menstrual cup business owned by a Filipina. Obviously, I wasn't able to buy one or be introduced with the product because the people I'm with weren't interested and I might get lost in the place. So no matter how open minded I am on this particular thing, I wasn't able to have that talk just because my friends were too ashamed to talk about it. 

One thing I hate about other women is that they're not that open minded and they're ashamed of discussing about it when it's pretty normal and I'm also quite sad for other women who suffer too much during periods. Are you aware of those women who enclosed themselves in an isolated place or in a menstrual house because having a period in their culture is something dirty? Bullshit, I know.

Why would I want to have one? Aside from the economic and environmental benefits that I could get from using this product, I prioritize my health especially as a woman who wears a lot of napkins per month. It's irritating that I should wear pants or tight shorts on my period to avoid the feeling of my napkin would just fall despite how many times I would tell myself that it's stuck on my undies. Haha! 

I have a heavy flow on my second day and even on the next days and I'm afraid of sitting for a long time just because I'm scared that maybe there's already a lot of blood on where I'm sitting. I had a bad experience of it one time and I don't want to experience it again. Urgh! I also don't like being too relaxed when I'm on my period because every time I'd go to the comfort room, it's already a bloody crime scene. And urgh, my very own Niagara falls every time I sneeze, cough or just standing up. 

I also had bad and disgusting experiences when I was on my period which resulted to my anxiety if I'll be experiencing toxic shock syndrome. I was in a travel with my classmate and her family and we were on our periods at that time and we forgot to bring pads with us. Imagine myself being on the whole trip without a pad, no available stores to buy a piece or pack of it and only got the full pad replaced when we arrived home. I also had the same experience just this month and every time I replace my napkin, I badly wish that the thing I'm doing was cleaning my cup and inserting it again in my vagina. 

Yeah! You've read that right! Inserting in the vagina. Where should it even go, honey? Of course, inside. Below is a video demonstration on how to insert it inside our private parts, I know it's shocking but at the same time, amazing that a cup could hold so much blood for eight hours or more depending on how light or heavy your flow is. And wait, there's more! You could reuse the cup for 5-10 years.

I had a discussion with my blog readers on my previous blog about the cup and they don't want to be a convert. I respect that. It's shocking to see a cup being inserted in our vaginas but for me, I rather insert a cup than uh, experience my hate towards napkins. If I'm not wrong, there was also a blog reader of mine who was worried if she'd lose her virginity because of the cup, the answer is a big NO. A woman's virginity would only be removed through sexual intercourse. If you don't believe me, you can read this article.

I already have the money to purchase a cup from Sinaya Cup. I want to buy my first cup there because I also want to help unfortunate women to have their cups soon. As a business major, I was also interested on their corporate social responsibility. Jeez, I think I'm so mature with this buying decision. Haha! I'm just waiting on their response on how we'll be doing the transaction since I don't have a credit card. Anyway, I'll be discussing more topics about us, girls, like my experience with the menstrual cup if I already have one and the glorious benefits I could get from having one. 

So I hope my ramblings on this post wouldn't put into waste, though. I feel like I shouldn't be posting this but hey, I'm not ashamed of this. Having my monthly period is a part of being a girl and that's normal. I even discuss it with my boyfriend and maybe, I'll be blogging about the misconceptions of guys about our periods on the next girl talk or whenever would that be. 

I'd like to talk to you about your say on menstrual cups or whether you still prefer napkins or tampons or the reusable napkins/washable pads. I also like to know more of your period experience. Let's empower one another through a period talk no matter how gruesome it could be for others. Basically, let's have our girl talk. 

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