I continue on reading

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I continue on reading

Reading has always been a love for me since I was a kid. I couldn't count how many books, magazines, newspapers, articles or let's just say, every word in the world, printed or not in my entire life. Well, that's the same thing for you. However, as a bibliophile, I crave words just as much as I'm craving for vegetable lumpia at the moment. My hands itch to touch the physical pages of a book, may it be yellowish or not. Unfortunately, life gets in the way such as studies, blogging and more. If only I could spend on the pages of a book, then, it would be wonderful but that's not the case. 

I knew about Goodreads for a long time now but it's only last year or just this year that I took it seriously. Having an account motivated me to read more especially it has its own reading challenge. I joined this year's 2017 reading challenge to read 35 books. It's lesser now compared to my reading challenges the past years but still, a good way to spend the year. At least, I can say that I don't let my brain be depreciated. Anyway, I'm already two books ahead of my schedule as of the moment and that's good news despite how busy I was these past few weeks due to paper works. 

So how do I do it? 

Making it a habit

I keep a planner and I always make sure to write 'read a book' or 'read *insert the title of my current read*'. In that way, I'm more obliged to do it so I can tick it on my to-do lists rather than seeing a cancelled plan just because I was too lazy to read even a single page. Until I was able to turn it into a habit. 

Every page matters. 

No matter how thrilling a book can be when I'm too busy, I couldn't let myself read it just because I wanted to finish the whole chapter or book right away. But then, if I wanted to finish and waste even a 3-minute worth of reading with a single page or two, then I must do it. At least, there was something I did that I could consider as reading, decreased the number of unread pages and I won't even realize that I'm already halfway through the book. 

Steal time. 

This is one of the best things that I do despite how busy I could be is to steal time. When I'm in line and waiting for something, I read. When it's my free time, I read. When the class is boring, I read. When I don't want to socialize, I read. Even when I poop, I read. (One of the reasons why I spend too long in the bathroom.) Just read. As a matter of fact, it could also be a way for someone to transform him/herself into a fast reader. 

Choose wisely.

Reading for a good 30 minutes or an hour in your free time could be more satisfying than socializing with someone about pointless things and gossips. Every decision we make has its opportunity cost so make sure the sacrifice is worth it. Again, choose wisely if you should be reading or not but if the case is reading my blog, then, I'll support you on that decision. Hahaha!

Replace scrolling with flipping. 

Ah, the good part of decreasing your chances on scrolling on every feed you have on your phone is to replace it with flipping of pages. It's not only a way to rehabilitate yourself from your addiction with your phone and lessen the usage of social media but also a good way to spend time with words and be productive. Every time I read a book, I feel like I've already done something productive even though it's just a lazy day for me. 

If exercising is for the body, reading is for the eyes and brain.

As what I've said earlier, I don't let my brain depreciate so I make sure to have my exercise for the eyes and brain. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to reading like I easily remember things on what happened on the 11th of February at 11 in the morning. My vocabulary improves. There was even a time when I was re-reading our thesis that I kept on asking myself where did I get those words even though I knew deep down that I was the one who wrote it. Those instances would just make you appreciate yourself for investing reading on your life. I also remembered asking myself where did I get a quote of Abraham Lincoln for my sociology paper. I found it crazy and amazing at the same time. 

Join the reading community and find inspiration. 

A simple quote about reading could already make wonders to motivate you to grab a book and start the journey. Or joining the reading community on Facebook groups and even in Goodreads or socializing with co-bloggers who have the same interests could make a form of bond and at the same time, motivates you to just read so that you could've something to talk about in the future. You could also follow Bookstagram accounts like mine.  My account is slowly turning to be a bookstagram account. You can also search for particular hashtags on the internet or like Facebook pages which have 'books' as their main theme. The Internet offers a lot of book inspiration. So better get yourself together because the Internet has a lot to offer for your plate.

Go to the library, bookstore or your reading place.

Being in the right place has always been a good motivating factor for me to read. Do you also feel the same? 

Re-read a book you love.

One of my reasons why that I stop reading is that the previous book I've read was a total disappoint which is one of the things I truly hate. I hate it when a book would just kill my vibe, you know. So in order to get back on track, I try myself to read books which are my favorites or look for unread books of my favorite author.

Having the right music. 

I like to read in a quiet place but sometimes, I also like reading with music. I always go to Spotify and search for music café playlists and jazz music. Today, I was reading 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin while Sufjan's music was on play

These are simple tips that I have for you to stop the reading slump once and for all. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, find your best spot and grab a book to read. Happy reading!

How do you get rid of yourself from a sudden reading slump? How do you motivate yourself to finish your reading challenge? How do you read so fast? How do you read so many books within a short period of time? 

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