I was lost

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I was lost

I was lost. 

Being a creative individual, losing touch of inspiration and motivation is one of the sickest and craziest thing I could've experienced throughout my existence. One of my fears is losing myself in the process I stopped everything I'm passionate of and that includes blogging. The sudden tweet of 'Deleted the blog and don't ask me why' caused horror for every blogger I knew and also my friends. There were a few who sent me private messages comforting and telling me that my blog was one of their daily reads and inspiration. Those sweet messages touched me. I was being loved by this lovely blogging community but jeez, it's hard when I'm on a battle of being an uninspired potato and what's the point of continuing this thing?

Yeah, what's the point?

The point is I touch lives through my words. No matter how simple I thought those words would be but there will always be someone who got inspired by my thoughts and it's truly amazing to touch lives in a way this blog can connect me to you. It's like conquering the whole world by one post at a time in a good way.

The point is I make connections —  strangers, friends, and even businesses. I met wonderful people all over the web. Some of them already hurt me but most of them love me. They comforted me when I deleted my previous blog. They gave me inspiration when I needed it and most of all, they respected my decision no matter how painful it was for me and for them to lose something precious. Through this blog, there was an engagement I'm forever grateful. It's nice to know that you fancy a cup of tea over coffee. It's disgusting to know that you prefer this over that. I'm so happy and proud to know that you won in a competition or got a scholarship just like me. We're all different but these differences make us unique individuals and even though, how different we all are, we connect and build friendships despite the distance.

The point is I document words and a life. I tell my life through a public blog and I feel contented once I clicked the publish button that I shared something significant to the world and knowing that someone could relate to it which means I'm not wasting my time here on the internet. And most of all, I'm telling you a grand story on how my life and thoughts are and simply showing how an indie-spirited girl I am.

The point is blogging is a fabulous passion. I'm such a pathetic person if I'm going to give up when I've already come this far . So yeah, I'm back and obviously, I am found.

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