Taking A Break

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Taking A Break

I used to make new year's resolutions when I was a kid because it was sort of a mandatory thing at school so that we could practice our writing and reflect more on things. I was in grade school when our teachers taught us how to make new year's resolutions for ourselves and when I grew up, making them were just a waste of time. I couldn't even accomplish one of them but this year, I decided to give it a try. A new year meant a new beginning so why not try something new? 

I bought my planner last year and I kept on waiting for 2017 to knock on my door so that I could already use it and the first thing I wrote on it aside from the necessary information like my name, contact numbers in case of emergencies and basically, necessary information, I wrote down my new year's resolution. 

I wrote down a total of ten with sub-ideas like I need to earn and save money. The sub-idea or sub-category or sub-something was it should be a minimum of Php500 per month and I didn't fail on that so far. However, the best and most challenging resolution I made and maybe it could be a life-changer is to lessen my usage of the social media. 

It's ironic, right? A blogger who wants to lessen her usage of the social media. Well, it's for my health and the following reasons: 

It's taking too much of my time.

I've to emphasize more of this, actually. The first time I do when I wake up in the morning is to check my phone and for sure, I've already wasted precious time than use it on something like, uh, taking a bath in the first place or simply eat my breakfast. I could've done a lot in those minutes which turned into hours of scrolling to every feed of the social media accounts I have. Crazy, I know. So what did I do this week? No matter how big my phone's storage is (16gb internal storage and 32gb micro-SD card) for a bunch of apps, I uninstalled my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I didn't install Facebook in the first place so I don't have a problem with that. And how was it so far? It's less time consuming than my previous activities. 

You're a living witness to that if you ever follow me on Twitter. I tweet a lot!

It consumes me. 

It became an addiction. I would read a book and someone would just message me through those apps, I simply received a text or a message in Messenger, the next thing I'd be doing after the reply is to open all the social media apps I have. I'd go from one app to another after wasting glorious time which will always go back to my reason #1. It consumed me which sometimes makes me mad that I became addicted to it in the first place. 

There were even times that I think I should just deactivate my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts but I just couldn't. These sites are the tools that make us connected excluding this blog. I need Facebook for my school-related stuff since my professors and instructors post our lessons there. If they would just send it to me via e-mail, I guess, I wouldn't have any second thoughts on having this particular account especially I can use Messenger with or without a Facebook account. 

I also need Twitter to tweet and express ideas with the limit of  a hundred and forty characters and I need it to promote my blog posts. It feels like my blog has a bloodline. I usually spend a lot of time on Twitter so uninstalling the application was a good job so far. If you've noticed, I didn't tweet a lot this week compared to previous weeks. 

Next is Instagram, I may not post frequently there even though I have a lot of pictures to post there but it's still time and self consuming. Why? Ugh, discovering, looking through feeds and a lot more is unhealthy for me so far. I also snap a lot there so I deserve a pat on the back for uninstalling it. If I ever post a picture there, let's just hope that re-installing it isn't a bad move and I should get myself together. 

It turned me into an unproductive human being. 

I'd excuse myself that I deserve lazy days just scrolling from one feed to another but jeez, excusing every single day as a lazy day isn't a very excusable reason, huh? It turned me into an unproductive human being. I'm turning back to reason #1. Instead of doing productive stuff from time to time or ticking my to-do lists right away and later on, visit your blogs or maybe read a book, I just couldn't since I already wasted gold on something stupid. 

I want to be happy and be a better 'me'. 

Being a better individual will always be my everyday goal and being happy, of course, but sometimes I couldn't feel that way because of my unhealthy usage of the social media. Speaking of happiness, I'm currently reading Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project' and I want to have my own project and one of this resolutions is keeping to my own resolution is what I've said earlier and basically, what I'm talking about. However, she didn't tell anything to lessen my usage of these sites but our happiness is relative and I'm trying to do something before it's too late especially I still have ten months remaining to change myself for the better in terms of keeping my resolutions. 

My resolutions are quite simple and practical and I bet they're all life changers like have a gratitude attitude, more on reflection, and be brave to name a few. But the twist is it's pretty hard for some and even for myself especially I'll be forming habits and changing a lifestyle and knowing I've been addicted to it is a long way to go especially in this digital era. 

Don't fret. I may use my social media accounts once in a blue moon or in a given time but not compared to my previous activities and I hope I'll stick to this. Well, it's for myself. A better me.

Do you have any new year's resolutions? I'd love to know. 

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