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I guess this blog post will serve as a semi-hiatus announcement for the blog because my mom, younger cousin and I are moving to a newly built apartment in a silent and green environment compared to where we are staying as of the moment which means, there's a chance that we still don't have any internet connection. We've already consulted our internet provider but they couldn't find any connection on the place we'll be moving. On the bright side, it could really be a life changing for us there. No internet for the mean time will be a great idea to catch up with reading novels and be more with nature.

So the tentative date of moving all our things will be this week or next week. My mom told me that if there's available electricity on the apartment, then, maybe we're already good to go. My blog readers would be wondering that we don't have any permanent addresses and thus, I told a few bloggers to keep the stuff they'll be sending to me on hold because of this event. Even myself, I'm already sick of moving from one home to another but living here in Bataan is just a temporary thing for us. We're just waiting for me to graduate college or I don't know, we don't know what will happen in the future. 

Anyway, let's talk about downsizing. The good and bad thing of moving is the packing of stuff. The bad thing is the packing process. It consumes a lot of time, dedication and patience to finish it. The good thing is we get to sort out things we don't need, things we need to throw away and things we need to keep. Basically, this is when I get to be more in the simple life or which is commonly called "living a minimal life" and being the eco-friendly steward of Mother Earth.

However, for a disclaimer, I don't proclaim myself as a minimalist as of the moment but every time I read blogs about a minimalist lifestyle, I can say that somehow I've some of the characteristics that a minimalist has. Let's see what the future holds if I can pursue such lifestyle or not.

Sorting out clothes, shoes, and bags

To tell you the truth, I'm not a fashion follower since I was a kid. I've been highly influenced by my mom. We're more into the classic and timeless fashion than what's on trend. If teens out there are wearing off-shoulder tops, shorts and sneakers which are obviously could be seen in every corner of my eye when I go to the city but as for me, you could see me wearing a shirt or a polo which has been tucked in, faded daddy jeans which was folded at the ends and a pair of loafers. And to be frank, some stuff are even hand-me-downs by my cousins from abroad or in Manila. My mom and I also shop in secondhand stores because let's be honest here, some secondhand clothes are way better in quality than what are being sold in the department store. 

So I have loads of clothes that I always think of I could pair with something or something I'm sentimental of or something I've liked because of the color but never get to wear them and in the end, I have to give them away to determine more of the clothes I really need. 

I have bags and purses which are new and also hand me downs. I asked myself countless times if I should keep them or not, what are my tastes these days when it comes to bags and sort them out if it's more of a need or want, all bags I don't need went to the donation box. 

And of course, with shoes. I have many of 'em but only a few which I wear in a regular basis. I'm more of a white sneakers kind and loafers kind of girl. You won't see me wearing sandals in a daily basis. I'd like to cover my feet which I think made my feet smaller. I have pairs of heels, doll shoes and even sandals which were ready for donation. 

I also decided to give six short shorts to my Thesis partner by the time I'll be attending classes on Thursday. The shorts are two Hollister, two American Eagle Outfitters, one American Rag and one Abercrombie & Fitch. I already sent her the photos and she love it!

We could've thrown them all away but as a girl who tries to minimize her wastes decided to donate them and my mom gave them away to her newly found friends. I was so glad to see their faces being lighten up. The clothes, shoes and bags we no longer use became treasures to newly found owners.

Sorting out books

This is the most difficult thing to do as a bookworm but I have books ready to be read by others and those were books which aren't worth keeping in my case. I still couldn't donate most of my books or just give them all away even though, there's a high chance that it would eat some space on the new apartment but I couldn't take away my dream of having my own library. Jeez, I have to work my ass off and have my own space soon to make that dream come true. 

I also donated two huge and thick programming books to my boyfriend and he was so happy to have them. I didn't even realize that those books could help him big time and it was just in the box for a very long time. I could've given it to him way, way back. 

One thing I learned from donating some of the books I no longer need is that it's great to give them away because I let my books live their purpose — to be touched and read by many.

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Throwing away stuff

As a sentimental person that I am, throwing away stuff even though it should be in the trash for a long time now is a pretty difficult thing for me to do but as far as I can remember, stuff like receipts, old documents that could no longer be used, old notebooks which were already full of writings and others were put in the trash bags. The only "trash" that I kept were my old college handouts. I reuse them by using the back side for my reviews, taking down notes, using those for calligraphy, art and making lists of groceries and whatever I could use for papers. In that way, I no longer need to buy any new paper or notebooks and at the same time, only throw away paper that I could no longer use.

I'm a huge reader of newspapers before and this is the only semester that I didn't buy any newspapers so those newspaper were used for gift wrapping (yes, I use newspapers for gift wrapping or use any good paper bag), those were also donated to some students who were in need of it, also used for wrapping fragile things. So less waste! I was able to help a student, too. So it's a win-win situation.

Donating makeup

Donating my cosmetic products was the easiest task I've ever done! Since I use makeup in a daily basis when I go out, I know what I really need so those makeup which are still in good use and no longer needed by me are ready to be given to my mom's friend who's younger than me for a year. 

My boyfriend was totally surprised when I told him about this because I've saved up money for everything and some of them came from America and would just be donated to someone. Well, it's better to be used by someone than being stocked in a vanity pouch or in the shelf, right? And besides, all of the items are still in good condition, some of them are still full and all of them are safe to use.

Getting rid of 'em

Getting rid of 'em is a challenge but on the bright side, having less stuff could be a plus for me. Having less (for me) is more. Do you get it? I know what stuff I really need and want now. I know what clothes I should prioritize more. Through that, I could be more organized with what I own. Giving them away is like letting go of a heavy burden for a long time and made us happier especially me that we've made others happy with our old stuff and continuing a more minimal life. 

In conclusion

I never knew how much waste we've produced even though how conscious I could be when buying my stuff like I ask a lot of questions before purchasing a thing I find cute in a store or ask myself if I really should need this and other questions that would totally back me out in buying a lot. Especially my grandmother who kept papers, unimportant documents and even receipts from the early 90s which is crazy to think that it's already 2017 and I threw them all away. 😂 Less garbage and less stuff (don't deny, we all have stuff that we don't really need but we keep them and should be given away or threw into the trash can) could turn into a less messy life.

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Let me ask you

  • Do you have things you need to throw or give away but you couldn't do it? Why?
  • Do you already live a minimal life? When did that happen and how?
  • What can you say in the overall packing process I've been through? We're not yet finish but we already have less stuff which is a good thing and maybe there are still stuff I could give to my friends and people out there. 

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