During The Break

Sunday, March 5, 2017

During the break would be a short-time series telling you how my break with social media so far and how my life changed. I'll be telling you the good and the bad stuff of taking such break. It's not a walk in a garden but my life is already easy and organized when I took my resolution for good. So I'm already on my 9th day. Still a short term span of having an experiment but at least, we're getting into the long term and I hope by the end of this break, it will be a success.

During The Break

A lot of my blog readers gave me positive feedback and motivation to do this especially some of them also wanted to lessen their social media usage. I, for one, became addicted to it. I admit that and slowly removing it from my system isn't a piece of cake but reading good comments from all of you and even asking for an upcoming posts of the results made me more motivated to do so. Although, I don't have any deadline in mind on how far this challenge will keep me but I'm expecting myself that I won't be too attached with my social media accounts in the future or maybe get the hang of removing it for good. 

There are a lot of things that I've realized by taking my days away from it — the good and the bad. Let's talk of the bad stuff first before going to the good news to weigh all these things down.

Having my social media accounts became my blog's bloodline. I share my posts there every now and then. This is how I promote my blog, blog posts and other people's posts which I find fancy to share with my friends and followers. There are also blog opportunities that also rely on social media accounts. For example, what if there's a company that would like to hire me to post a review of their product but would also depend on how many are my viewers and readers through my social media so it's a hard thing to take even though, a blog itself is already a good way to go for promoting. My social media is also a bridge to connect me from other people especially my blog readers.

Another one is those giveaways that require to follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Well, it's a nice strategy to increase the number of followers but it's also kind of sad when I couldn't earn more points if I couldn't follow them on any of it and the downside of letting people follow you is 'What if they don't like what you post on your social media?'

When it comes to living a life outside the virtual world, pretending that I don't have any social media accounts made me outdated from everyone's life which I think is a good and a bad way. The bad thing is I'm not updated of what my classmates were talking about. I'm not updated on what's on trend. However, the good thing is I'm little by little getting rid of my insecurities that tend to be influenced by these social networking sites. I may not be updated with what's new with my schoolmates or people out there but at least, in a way, I'm not nosy of what's happening on their lives.

Now that I'm already on my 9th day living a somehow disconnected life, a few things changed. Let's talk about my productivity. Last Sunday, I shared to a few number of bloggers that I had a productive day. I did the laundry, washed the dishes from morning until evening, did some gardening with my younger cousin, did the household chores and I've ticked something from my to-do list which I've been slacking of for a long time already.

Keeping my resolution let me focused on my blog hopping, did productive surfing like reading helpful articles, studies and reading novels. Although, I couldn't say that I've already read a lot of books based on my Goodreads but it's still a good sign that I can focus more on things that I have to do and love when social media aren't there to disturb me in the first place.

I became mindful of what I should be saying and what I should be doing. I realized that I had a good talk with people these days because I'm not busy scrolling my feeds while having a chat with them. I had more long talks with my mom during dinner compared before. And the best part is, when I'm bored and I'm done with the things I have to do, I go to bed and have enough sleep. It's quite amazing that I already can spend those precious times that I used to spend on scrolling feeds, tweeting and checking photos on Instagram on sleeping.

Even today, my classmate and I recently finished watching 'Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' and not even a single social media account were opened. Swag! Hahaha. Anyway, the best thing on keeping this resolution so far is that there's more to life than scrolling feeds, posting tweets on Twitter and posting photos on Instagram. I've been missing stuff in the real world and was immersed on a virtual world when I should be out there doing more than just staring at my phone the whole damn time but let's face it, I still need a phone in this digital era.

What can you say on my break so far? What are you up to lately? Have you already watched 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo'?

Btw, I'm currently listening to their soundtrack via Spotify while revising our thesis. *hearts everywhere*

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