Girl Talk: Acquiring and First Day of Wearing the Sinaya Cup

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yay for another post of the girl talk series! I'm so happy with the positive feedback from my blog readers on the first Girl Talk post I wrote weeks ago. I was glad that I've known some of my blog readers' story of their menstruation and get to know more in a deeper level on what menstrual collector they're using. Some prefer napkins Some use tampons to avoid rashes on using napkins. Some use the menstrual cup which a number of bloggers I know use it. And some prefer the washable pads or the period panties. It's kind of crazy and amazing at the same time that we have a lot of methods to menstruate. 

And by the way, isn't it the best time to have our girl talk when it's international women's day today? (It's the 8th day of March right now here in the Philippines.) And what a great time to talk about my experience of the Sinaya Cup when it's the first day of my period. Yay! 

Sinaya Cup

After posting my first girl talk post, there was an urge that I have to acquire my menstrual cup right away and I was excited to purchase one from Sinaya Cup which is a local menstrual cup here in my country. I was a bit lonely when I wasn't able to acquire the limited edition pouch. Hahaha! I bought it for Php1,199 excluding the shipping fee. The overall transaction was smooth and I received my cup in less than 24 hours. 

When I received the package, I had two thoughts. First, I will be a menstrual cup user soon. Second, by purchasing this cup, I was able to help a woman out there to have her cup. Sinaya Cup's corporate social responsibility is that they will donate one cup for every one purchase to a less fortunate woman and they even donate cups to students, may it be male or female. Ah, girl power indeed! 

Sinaya Cup

So this is how my package looked like on the day I received it. I received it while my thesis partner and I were busy preparing for our oral defense the next day and of course, I've been telling her about this life-changer since then and well, she was terrified about it. In my part, it was empowering that I can step up my period game. 

Sinaya Cup
Sinaya Cup
Sinaya Cup

The best thing about the packaging is that they utilized the actual box of the cup as a user's manual which is a best way to lessen waste. Do you agree? You can turn it into an actual envelope for future purposes. 

And this is how the Sinaya cup looks like. 

Sinaya Cup

It came with a pouch made of abaca fiber. And again, purchasing this cup made me feel like I've done the wisest decision. I also helped our local workers in the abaca industry. What a win-win situation, right? The cup was wrapped in plastic which is the only thing you're going to throw away. I like the texture and how simple the cup is compared to others but if I were to consider colors in purchasing one, I'd like to have a Lena Cup because of the texture and the pastel colors. 

Moving on, it is my first day of my period which means my first day of wearing it. To be honest, when I had to take a pee a while ago, I was so excited to see blood on my tissue. I jumped and went to my mom and shouted, 'YES! I CAN USE MY CUP NOW! THIS IS IT!' I immediately followed the instructions. I boiled it for 5-10 minutes and prepared myself in the toilet. 

I thought that I can actually do it — that it would just be a piece of cake but oh boy, I was wrong. I failed three times in inserting the cup. I used the C-fold at that time and realized that the C-fold isn't the easiest fold to insert the cup inside but one thing I realized while using the C-fold is that when the cup is entering my vagina, it popped which means the cup will surely do its thing once it's already inside. I tried the punch down fold and it was such a breeze

Disclaimer: Make sure that you're using the right lubricant if you have plans on using them. I asked Sinaya Cup if I could use coconut oil for my cup but they replied, "Hi Ra! We don't recommend any oil products to be used with the cup." and "If you want to test a lubricant, water-based ones should suffice. 🙂" So make sure to contact the business owner of the cup on what lubricants you could use. 

When it was already inside me, I was afraid that I couldn't take it out but I felt the stem was there so I have nothing to worry about. *phew* The next challenging step I'll be doing later on (maybe after 8 hours or when I go to bed) is to remove my cup. I'm excited! 

Having a calm and excited mood while inserting it was one thing that made the insertion possible. If I panicked a while ago, I'd still be using napkins now. After my time in the toilet, I went to my mom and younger cousin and told them the good news and my experience with it so far. 

So far, I don't feel a thing. I walked, jumped, opened my legs and my mom even touched mine to feel something but there was none. I just knew that I had a cup inside but I couldn't feel a thing. Now that I am sitting while typing this blog post, I can still assure you that I don't feel that there's a cup inside me.

In conclusion, wearing a cup for the first time is overwhelming. I feel that I can help the world and my body with this little amazing menstrual collector. Maybe I can even say on the last day of my period that I am totally a convert. Who knew, huh? 

Anyway, that's all for now, girls. I'll be updating you more on the Sinaya cup experience on the next day/s. What are your thoughts about the menstrual cup? About the Sinaya cup? What can you say about my experience so far? 

Happy International Women's Day! 💕👩💃

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