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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hey, I'm back again to talk about my experience with the Sinaya Cup. I'm thanking Sinaya Cup for featuring my previous blog post about acquiring and wearing it on the first day and oh girl, I did receive lovely comments from the blogging community. I'll be replying to your comments after posting this one so stay tuned for a bloody great conversation. 

Anyway, I'm on the second day of my period which involves a bloody crime scene when I was still using napkins so I couldn't imagine what would it be like if I were already using it on the second day. I'd love to be more detailed and get into this cup within the days of my period so girls would know how it feels depending on days on my perspective. Of course, we have different flows and I'm just stating my experiences so girls would be more in-depth with this all menstrual cup thing and give them a picture of how it would be like if they're going to use it sooner or later. 

Sinaya Cup

Did you know that I had the best sleep during my period last night for the first time in 10 years? What a miracle! I was expecting waking up in the morning in a grumpy or irritable mood since I'm on my period and feel grossed with myself but none of that happened. I got up right away just like how I get up every morning on my non-period days. Ah, good bye to those night pads which is like wearing a diaper!

Of course, when I entered the toilet, here comes the most challenging part — removing the cup. As a first timer, it would be a bit scary if I couldn't remove it especially when it's already full. Good thing, I was able to remove it but without my full control, it splashed on the bathroom floor. *sigh* I was waiting how my cup would look like after a good night's sleep so in estimation, I think the blood was already less than half of what the cup can handle. When I was still using napkins, jeez, it would already be full. Thus, getting up for me was a challenge back then. 

How did I clean the cup? I used a diluted amount of my feminine wash. 

While taking a bath, I was thinking if I should use my cup at school. I was a bit scared on the probability of not wearing it successfully outside my comfort zone but I was also thinking that I should try it. I shouldn't waste a period day of not using it considering I have heavy flows during my second day. So what did I do? I used it! However, I also used a napkin for back up. By the way, I didn't use any lubricant so you can use a cup with or without a lubricant. You can also use water. It's up to you. 

Every time I'd go to the toilet, there would be no blood found on the napkin which meant, another mission accomplished! Unfortunately, when we were already dismissed on my Environmental Management class, I felt like blood was coming out from my vagina so I went to the comfort room at the speed of light. And guess what? There was an incy wincy amount of blood. I could've just used a panty liner than a napkin on this case. I regret using a napkin. 

I prepared myself in removing it and t'was indeed full. Imagine wearing it since seven in the morning until 12:30, that's five and a half hour, the cup was already full. If I were still using napkins, I'd be changing it for the third time. I didn't have any problems on cleaning it since our school has available bidets and I have my feminine wipes with me. Yay! 

Another 5-6 hours passed, I removed it again and it was almost full. The lesson here is getting to know more of my body and Aunt Flow. I felt that I became more intimate with myself. Getting blood on my hands isn't as disgusting as I think of it when I was still a napkin user. My period wasn't smelly compared before. No more red pee. No more cramps. I was assuming that I will undergo painful cramps again because I stopped my regular exercise but I didn't feel any pain since yesterday. I also learned that (maybe this would apply in general) that our blood isn't as bloody as it would seem that would cause a crime scene in the middle of nowhere. No, it isn't. My flow went for 5-6 hours and the cup wasn't full. Hence, the bolded and italicized almost on the first sentence of this paragraph. My actions weren't limited by the fact that I'm on my red days.

I tried inserting the cup standing up with one leg raised and sitting down on the toilet bowl. I prefer sitting on the toilet bowl because removing and inserting it was much easier than standing up. But of course, this is a case-to-case basis. 

Throughout the day, I updated my friend, Angela and Lyka and as well, my mom about the experience. They were hooked and they also want to have their cups soon. Although, my classmates weren't in favor of the cups and even accused me of not being a virgin just because I used a menstrual cup. I'm telling you, virgin or not, you can use the cup. Believe me or not, here's my receipt. So far, I've read from the internet that an 11-year old is already using a cup. I just hate it how some girls especially the ones I knew and even consider as friends, could be closed minded in a natural phenomena which has been a part of being a woman. I respect them for being napkin users because I was a napkin user but they didn't have to show me that look that I shouldn't be talking about periods and the menstrual cup. Is it because periods are too disgusting and should be ashamed of? Then, if that's the case, I'd rather be an open-minded individual and have a happy period. 😊💞🔴

What can you say about my second day with the menstrual cup? Do you think it's life-changing?

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