Me? A CPA? I doubt it.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Me? A CPA? I doubt it.

Last Thursday night, a Tumblr friend of mine sent me a direct message on Twitter asking for pieces of advice. I was touched and at the same time, it reminded me that I used to be in the same program with her so I replied her with something like "Sure. As long as it's not Accounting." She replied to me that it was somehow accounting related and to make it short, she was having a hard time, we were in the same boat but the only difference was I'm already a Marketing major while she's still an Accountancy student.

Why did I choose Accountancy in the first place?

I dreamed of being a corporate lawyer when I was a kid. I guess kids have really big ambitions and sometimes, these ambitions change from time to time. When people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I'd answer that I'd love to be a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer. Although, when my mom had her accidents years ago, seeing blood and just seeing her from afar while her head was being stitched made me weak so being a doctor wasn't on my list. 

I'd love to be a teacher even though how many people would belittle teachers. When I was in grade school, I'd even call them cheap just because of the news I have been hearing that they couldn't earn a lot despite how hardworking they all are. Although, you may earn a lot given the circumstances that you're teaching on one of the top universities but in a public school in the province, I don't know. I'd never imagine that they could earn chunks of money. 

However, I love reporting. I love teaching lessons to my classmates despite how hard I could be as a teacher. I mean I asked them difficult questions and fed them lessons which were so trivial. I wasn't contented on how were classes went so by the time, lessons were assigned to me, I'd want some changes. Hey, I'm the reporter so I have to need my rules. I don't want to stick on something that wouldn't challenge me. How could we improve on such setting? But still, being an educator wasn't on my list. Although, last semester, my professor in one of my major subjects talked to me. She told me that I need to apply on this and that so I could be a teacher in any senior high school schools here in the Philippiness. I will be a great teacher, she said. From that day on, I'd love to be one. Maybe soon. Especially teachers are life changers.

Here goes the Accountancy part, I belong to a broken family and one fact that I knew about my father is that he's a certified public accountant here in the Philippines and in abroad. So given those lucky chances, he's earning plenty but as an asshole, he didn't support me financially or emotionally. There was no father figure when I grew up. Then living in a provincial life, everything is so limited. You couldn't dream so much compared to living in a city that you'd see a lot of things worth reaching. It feels like I was Belle of the Beauty and the Beast that I wanted more than this provincial life. Due to the fact that the internet connection was just too crappy and our financial situation, taking accountancy was already a worthy big shot. My mom and I did lots of research with every university we know, thought of the possibilities that I could get once finished with a certain degree and yada, yada, yada ... until Accountancy was the choice left. In the province, most people only knew about programs like education, engineering and accountancy unlike living in the city, oh my, you'll get to learn that there were numbers of programs that your fingers couldn't count.

Being an Accountancy student

I used to be one for a year and a half. My family and I were so proud that I was taking up Accountancy. Who wouldn't? This program isn't a joke. Some people would say that this program is for those who are industrious and intelligent enough. Some would say, "Oh, good! You'd be rich in no time." and the list goes on. I had my own fair share of good and bad when I was still in the field. Seeing the CPA title at the end of my name was something fancy. Passing every subject even though how hard and heart breaking those accounting courses could be became one of the reasons that could uplift my soul. Once I saw my grades, I'd jump for joy that I passed another hell of a semester and slowly, I'd be a CPA. 

Even though how encouraging I was with myself, I just couldn't go on. I encouraged myself that I wasn't dumb and dull but maybe my intelligence wasn't really on the right field. There were nights that I cried in front of my mom and grandma telling them the hardships I've encountered and one night, I just told them that I couldn't go on. I badly needed to shift or else, I'd be doomed. I guess my mom pitied and understood the situation I was in and she permitted me to do so. 

I gave up Accountancy because ...

  • In demand doesn't mean it's right for you. 

All of us choose a program that is in demand so we won't have any hard time applying for jobs but guess what, there are still unemployed individuals who didn't get a job even though how in demand their degree was and some are working which wasn't on the right path of the degree they have. Am I right?

  • Sleepless nights weren't rewarding. 
It's never a problem for me staying up all night for a bright future ahead but I only saw was a dark gloomy future when I was still pursuing Accountancy. I would sleep late at night but my brain would just go back to zero by the time I wake up the next day feeling tired, unrewarding and unproductive. Either it wasn't rewarding or my overall health was fucked up! I experienced irregular periods (a month with no periods or it would have alternating patterns) and breakouts due to stress. I gained seven kilos because of stress eating and it wasn't good for my mental health. 

  • Am I really that dumb?
I was an honor student since preschool until high school but when I entered college, it was the other way around. I know deep down that I wasn't dumb. I can do it! I understood a few lessons only by myself. I even taught some of my classmates with the lessons I knew but there were times that I couldn't understand the whole course because my brain was already loaded with full of information that I still had to remember because of long ass quizzes, seat works and other courses I still had to attend. I knew deep down that Accountancy wasn't for me. My intelligence wasn't on the right field. I just felt it. 

  • Give me a break, please. 
I couldn't give myself a break so I couldn't waste my time. A lot of you would give me a ton of pieces of advice that it's only time management. How could I manage time when I have to do back reading of chapters and advanced reading from cover to cover? It's crazy! How could I manage my time when I need plenty of time studying my accounting subjects than my minor subjects when my minors also needed attention? How could I study when I'm so sleepy? I couldn't even update my blog. I couldn't even do my hobbies. How I wished to have a 6-month break twice a year! Or maybe just a longer day.

  • Wrong picture and inspirations

I couldn't picture myself a CPA. Yes, I loved writing my name with the title at the end but picturing myself as one was blurry. The inspirations and motivations I always look up to when I'm on the urge of giving up were useless. The only inspiration I had to survive back then was "The weekend is near." and "Another week left." when I have to be enthusiastic every week to learn and be excited when Monday came but it wasn't. I dreaded school days most especially Mondays. Ugh! How I hate facing a 3-hour class in the morning on Monday doing accounting stuff. No matter how hard I try to love Accountancy, I just couldn't do it. 

The shift

Moving from one program to another was a huge challenge because of the following questions: What if it didn't work out again? What if I'd be wasting my mom's money again? What if I won't graduate on time especially this K-to-12 situation here in the Philippines would make it worse for college students? What if I'd be a failure?

I chose a program which was inclined on my passion which are blogging and writing but I don't want to start from scratch again given that my mom was having a hard time with my tuition fee and I also considered that I'd be graduating on time because adding another year or two on when I'd be graduating would just be another list of expenses to my mom. Graduating on time meant no problems to be faced with the K-to-12 curriculum. However, I still don't know if I'd be a failure. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me to pursue Marketing because it's up to me if I'll succeed or not and of course, I won't let the latter ruin my future.

No matter what happens on you on the program you chose, if you love it or not, you could still be a failure or success. It's up to us how we will be wise and skillful enough to surpass challenges. I gave up Accountancy because I don't want to work during my work hours in a job I'm not passionate of. I don't want to regret all my life working on a profession I'm not in love with. I don't want to waste my life hating it. I may have moved to another program but at least, I didn't waste years after years of hating the life I have. 

When I shifted, I became an advanced student. I had an easy schedule because I already took the courses that my fellow Marketing majors have yet to take. I became driven to pursue my passion in serving and writing. I used my creative skills in every advertising and marketing related activity. I became more active on the school's newspaper and they appointed me to become the Managing Editor and Online Moderator. I was enthusiastic to serve and help my teachers so I became the executive assistant of our college's dean. And most of all, if I wasn't in right path, I wouldn't be a scholar of a multinational company that helped my mom big time with the assistance they've been giving me. They answered our prayers. They would be paying my tuition fees. I have my monthly and book allowances. I'll have my OJT there during the summer and I'd be working in the company as a regular employee right away after graduation. If I were still in the accounting field and I had that interview with them, even though how I badly need the scholarship, I wouldn't be chosen because they would see how uninterested I was. So better be on the field you badly want because it's your life. You do you. The only person you have to impress is yourself because if you've impressed yourself, the rest will follow.

And most of all, I'm happier now.

Questions to answer

  • Are you in the right program or do you still question why you chose the field you're in right now?
  • Can you somehow relate with the experiences I've gone through even though how different our programs are?
  • What are your pieces of advice to students out there who felt that their chosen program aren't right for them?

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