During The Break pt. 2

Friday, April 7, 2017

I'm back! Did you miss me? Obviously, I've been missing in action these past few weeks which meant we're already settled in the new apartment and I'm so happy that I have my own room again with a nice greenery peaceful view but I'm in dire need of a stable and fast internet connection. Send help please!

I still couldn't guarantee a good connection from me to you and people out there because I'm just using a pocket WiFi. Before we moved to this newly built apartment, we already consulted our internet provider but they couldn't provide us an internet connection because the place lacks a number of people needed for them to provide a network for all of us in the subdivsion. Bullshit, I know! Same case when I inquired at another local internet provider which is the network of my current pocket WiFi because this is the only possible thing I could connect virtually to the online world. 

Another case is that I think our old and trusted internet provider could already provide us the internet connection we badly needed but they couldn't put up any connection at the moment because this apartment where we're living in doesn't have a name yet which is needed to be registered at some government agency. Jeez, a lot of hassle and processes! 

During The Break pt. 2

If you're following me on Twitter, you'd notice that I posted this picture. This was requested by Reuben, a Tumblr friend and now, a Youtuber. He asked me for a picture when we already moved. Although, this was taken during the cleaning process of the whole apartment. A few of my blogger friends also loved the view just as much as I love it and savor the different colors of the sky when the sun is rising, when it is shining and most of all, when it's already setting. Ah, I can't wait to share some of my shots soon. Let's hope I'll have a decent internet connection sooner because to be honest, I did a lot of stuff while waiting for this single picture to upload. Yeah, just imagine how crappy the Philippines' internet connection. I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this. Argh! 

Anyway, let's talk about the bad and the good stuff of during my hiatus. First, the bad stuff! 

Obviously, no online world! 

Hahaha! The most obvious thing, I know! And most of all, I rather don't have any internet than to experience with what I'm currently using. It's total bullshit and pain in the ass. If there's no online world, basically, I'm not updated with what's happening with your life unless you're a total stranger who accidentally discovered this little space of mine. Yay! Thanks for visiting me. Since I already opened it up, I'd love to know how you stumbled upon my blog. Let's get to know how bizarre our virtual meet up went. It could be I dropped a comment on one of your blog posts, you discovered me through Bloglovin' or any of my social media accounts, suggested by a friend (wow, as if my blog has a ton of visitors) and whatever that could be.

I miss blogging! 😭

You don't know how lonely I was these past few days on how my blog is rotting. I even let my boyfriend open my e-mail to check what's going on. He told me that I have a number of e-mails from Disqus and oh boy, you don't know how much I miss reading your comments on every blog post I make. It's kind of heartbreaking to be separated from all of you for quite some time. Unfortunately, I still couldn't say that I'm totally back to blogging with the given circumstances. I hope you all will understand. 

I guess the things I'd love to share to all of you would be on the pile for the mean time. 

Sad to say, if you dropped any comment from one of my blog posts and still couldn't get a reply, please understand that this dilemma I'm having through is the only thing that keeps me away from you. So clingy, hahaha!

The expenses of buying e-load for my prepaid sim

This is quite a hassle for a person who only buys e-load when the blue moon comes. I mostly rely on the internet when I have to contact someone so maintaining my communication with important people was pretty hard until now considering how slow my connection is. Let's cross our fingers that I can successfully publish this. 

The researches and connecting with important people 

Important people here means my research partners or anything school related people. Good thing, I was already done with my research paper when we moved to the new house. Unfortunately, the marketing research was such a bummer so I let my member finish it. For my part, it's fair to do that and he understood the situation especially I was the one who made chapters one to three while he did chapters four and five. Thus, if you'll ask me to do any research paper, you'll receive a NO for that! 

I'm quite a pessimist in this post, huh? I think people who are quite connected to a fast and stable internet connection for a long time and now experiencing some shit can be a pessimist. Enough with this, let's get to the good things. 

I wake up and sleep earlier compared before! 

Wow, this is such a life changing moment for me. Have you experienced promising yourself to get enough sleep when it's already vacation but failed to do so because there are a lot of things that get in the way like being connected to that invisible online connection and stuff? Well, since I don't have that for quite some time, I was so bored and the place is just too silent and serene so going to bed is such a glorious thing to do. *yawns*

I take naps.

Such a pleasure to do that. 😂

Family bonding 

Due to no WiFi, I became more well-connected with my mom and cousin. We exchange jokes from time to time. My cousin and I become a nanny every morning to the youngest cousin we ever have who is a baby. Such a cutie, btw! We have more time to discuss topics every time we eat. At night before we go to bed, we watch a movie together. 

No annoying people.

I couldn't count how many times I told my boyfriend that we talked to a different communication app for more privacy especially Messenger's stories turned to be a social application rather than become more of the communication perspective. Socializing and communicating are the same but I need more privacy. I don't care if you have that grande-sized milktea from Starbucks. If Messenger isn't sort of the most practical app I ever need on my phone, I wouldn't bother to ever have that.

I also hate it when people would just hit me up on Messenger and get mad for not opening their messages or reply to them. It could be I'm having a good chat with another person aside from my boyfriend so I couldn't entertain you. It could be I'm arguing with my boyfriend so leave us alone. Maybe I'm having a bad day. Maybe I don't want to talk to you. Maybe I'm too busy. There are a lot of maybes. On the other note, having a break from the internet was somehow a relief that I had a peace of mind for the past few weeks. I felt like my life was in order.


I have more time on pampering. My Aunt sent me an essence mask pack and it's ISO certified. I just have to emphasize the ISO part because I had two classes which we discussed this ISO thing over and over so seeing it on the box surprised me. I also gave time on choosing my skin care wisely when I have to shop. So far, the current facial wash I'm using is good on my face. No pimples or whatsoever are happening so that's a good sign. I'm also using some of the beauty products that my mom is not using which is compatible with my age and skin type. This whole break was a lot of me-time!

More time for reading

I'm currently reading a book which the plot revolves on the murder case of Humpty Dumpty. I'm still on chapter 4 but at least, I'm reading! Hahaha. When I'm not in the mood to read a physical book or I'm not in a close range to hold one, I will read Jandy Nelson's "I'll Give You The Sun". So far, the book is of an artsy plot. The main characters are both artists. The whole reading is such a slow paced journey because I take naps. 😅😆

Overall, the whole break was fruitful. I have a peaceful contented life even though the internet connection is at its scarcity. 

How was your life when I was away? Did you have any grand adventures? Do you want to share something to me and my blog readers? 

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