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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunset from the balcony - Life of Ra 01

It has been a long time since I posted a life update. I think it was almost a year ago when I started to put up Indie Spirit in a serious manner and posted life updates every now and then. There’s always a nice feeling when reading someone’s life updates, huh? It seems we’re all curious cats to read someone’s chapters of how they live, how they spent one sunny day under a tree talking to a friend beside him/her or simply, the feeling of putting all your heart out the stress you’ve been through with work or school related stuff. I missed writing one … again. I only thought of life updates as fillers for the blog but to give a start of a personal series for the blog which I’ve already mentioned on my About page months ago, it’s a nice way to look back of how the days went by. So here it is, a more personal life lately series under the category ‘Life of Ra’ which was highly inspired by ‘Life of Pi.’ 

To give a minor history of the series, I made the title ‘Life of Ra’ as a title for a project on one of my subjects, Psychology. Our professor instructed us to make a scrapbook of our timeline — a timeline of our lives. We were required to give a title for the scrapbook. I’m not good in making titles so I made it short and simple. Since my nickname is only composed of two letters, Ra was a better substitute of the book and movie, Life of Pi. Thus, ‘Life of Ra’ came into the picture. I was also thinking ‘Life In A Nutshell’ as a series for weekly life updates but jeez, I don’t want to pressure myself into diving in a schedule of blogging. You know, I only want these words and this passion flow throughout the blog whenever I’m in the mood to do it. 

Anyway, let’s have a glimpse of how my life went. Shall we?
  • The semester was already over weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying my short vacation by reading a lot of books, stressing out that we still don’t have a stable internet connection, and again, reading books. This particular semester wasn’t the semester that I could call as my own. I felt like it controlled me to become a horrible mess. With all the paper requirements and deadlines, it was too much to handle while juggling a life being a blogger. 
  • My partner in Thesis left for Alaska for her internship while I was left behind with all the requirements to be done by our group. I wasn’t against it, though especially that her schedule really affected our school schedule so my adviser and I were the ones who finished our paper. I’m so lucky to have an adviser who helped me no matter what until I get to finish all the requirements. I also passed all of my examinations and defences. I had three oral defences. 
  • We moved to another home again. Well, I love the serene environment but the only thing that I don’t like it here is that I’m too far with the food establishments I used to go when I’m hungry so I rely more on what’s inside the fridge or harvest a lot of fruits from the trees here. Yesterday, my cousin and I harvested more than 20 green mangoes. I hope my Filipino friends who’s currently reading this won’t have their cravings. And of course, those green mangoes dipped on bagoong. Oh, yum! Although, I’m not a  bagoong and green mangoes kind of person. 
  • Speaking of the internet, argh, I hate it! When we moved here, I really felt how bad and slow my country’s system is when it comes to processing papers, internet, apartment names and all that shit. No wonder why other people would pay more than what’s being asked just to have a fast business. 
  • Anyway, since I don’t have a stable internet connection, I spend my time cleaning the house, taking naps, cooking, doing the household chores, taking a nap again, talking to my mom and cousin and most of all, a lot of time for reading. I was able to finish four books since April started until today and now, I’m reading ‘The Lake of Dreams’ by Kim Edwards which was a book bought by Vill last year. I’m also reading ‘See Me’ by Nicholas Sparks. ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’ by Jandy Nelson didn’t give me any spark that would keep me going on so I stopped reading it for the meantime. 📚📖

My books - Life of Ra 01

  • Vill and I spent an entire day watching movies and eating avocado macchiato ice cream. It’s so delicious! 🍦🍨

Avocado macchiato ice cream day with V - Life of Ra 01

  • I experienced removing my makeup while I was inside the fitting room just because IT WAS FREAKIN' HOT and I was sweating like a horse. Argh! 😡😖 My mom, cousin and I were shopping for my white shirts and blouses and it turned out we only bought two despite the number of white shirts and blouses we chose. Unbelievable! When I went outside the fitting room, my mom was busy looking for more clothes to add the two items we have but I gave up. The heat was unbearable. It drained my energy. Imagine me going out the fitting room like I took a bath ... a bath of my own sweat. It was so disgusting. Although, I was relieved when we went to shop for my shoes. The whole place was air conditioned and there were comfortable couches to sit on. I could even stay there for the whole afternoon.
  • It’s currently raining and I’m beyond glad that this cold weather replaced the scorching heat of the sun. While admiring the rain from my balcony, I was thinking of being a writer — a published author. Ah, I guess this has to do with reading ‘Blind Submission’! I still don’t have a story in mind so I don’t want to expect too much from myself. 😅
  • I’ll have my internship tomorrow and I’m not excited about it. I’m glad that I can be on the field this summer working and doing the tasks needed to be done but I also want to spend my summer vacation doing the things that I want. Yesterday, I prepared a week of clothing. We’re required to wear white shirts/blouses so you could picture me checking my cabinets with all the white blouses and shirts I have. I only have eight of them. Most of my white clothes are long sleeves which aren’t appropriate for the weather. I think we’re not required to wear any corporate attire which is too formal. Obviously, I really have to replace my entire wardrobe with all white. Just kidding!

So that’s it for now. There’s nothing much. My life isn’t pretty interesting. I don’t have grand adventures on the way. The only adventure I have in mind aside from reading is going back and forth from my house to the company from Monday to Saturday until I finish 240 hours of on the job training. Wish me luck! 😉

  • How's your life lately? Are you in a vacation, break or something?
  • Do you have any tips for me for my internship? Let me know. It will help me a lot to adjust to any internship related experiences you have. Thank you! 😊😘

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