Ugh! I hate people.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Ugh! I hate people.

As an introverted human being, surrounded by a bunch of people wherein these people could be a crowd that I don’t like or easily irritates me could be disheartening at times. There are moments in life when in a crowd that I just want to go back home. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, I could not especially considering important events. To give way my negative thoughts on how I hate people in some levels, I’d like to engage with a talk how, sometimes, my fellow human beings can be a pain in the ass and you might relate to a thing or two. If not, well, I congratulate you for such patience and love for the human race. 

  • People smoking. 

Smoking is one thing that I hate most. Being surrounded with a number of classmates and strangers who smoke every now and then, and doesn’t have a care if they can hurt someone in the process is quite inconsiderate. Why won’t smokers distance their selves when they’re surrounded with people who do not smoke? Why would some people smoke when there’s a huge ‘SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED.’ sign on a wall or in a public vehicle? 

Smokers admit that it’s a way to release stress but some couldn’t think that they could cause stress to a non-smoker and there’s a chance that a non-smoker could have difficulty in breathing. I, myself, find it difficult to breathe when I inhale cigarette’s smoke or even from a vape. I suppose anything smoke related that can harm the environment and my body is such a major NO. I do not say that I have the rights that people should stop doing this deadly vice because in the first place, they know the consequences of doing such thing but at least, be considerate and proper enough to smoke somewhere where no one could inhale the toxic brought by cigarette smoking. And the most important is to not smoke in a place which prohibits you to do it because it’s highly disrespectful. 

Some smokers would defend their selves by telling non-smokers to distance ourselves from them. In this case, it would be a questioning situation where we should properly place ourselves? Or would it be proper to give a vice a schedule and place it on the right situation even though how much they may crave for it from time to time rather than hurt others? 

  • People who force me to smile or please them. 

I have experienced this countless times. As an example, I attended my cousin’s first birthday and there were clowns. To describe myself, I do not laugh easily even though someone would crack a stupid joke and the crowd would laugh. No, I do not easily laugh even though there’s something to be laugh about. I guess my sense of humor could be in a level that could only be distinguished between the lines. I, sometimes, laugh by myself when I read a book which has an intellectual manner of delivering a joke. Sometimes, I laugh on a post or smirk at it which was witty enough or jokes that could be only understood by certain fandoms. Let’s say, jokes about Harry Potter and some of the books I’ve read, the movies I’ve watched or in-depth jokes if there’s such description. Going back, this particular clown looked at my serious face and told me to smile. In that time, I wasn’t in the mood for the birthday party. I wasn’t thrilled to be there in the first place excluding the food. And guess what? He told the whole crowd that I wasn’t smiling, I was lonely and I should cheer up. Ugh! What an embarrassing moment! A moment that I want to put a palm on my face of the stupidity of not smiling. It feels like our society forced me to please them by smiling. How can I portray a smile when it’s not genuine in the inside? In the first place? 

Another scenario was when my cousin, mom and I were in a meat shop and every worker there was having fun dancing, making inside jokes and hell lot of fun in their perspective. While my cousin and I weren’t laughing or giving a hint that we’re enjoying what they’re doing by not giving a glance and just minding our own businesses. When we were already paying, they told my mom that we were too serious, that we should loosen a bit. Ugh! We went outside telling my mom and cousin my dilemma of this smile thing. 

Why should my smile be a validation that the party could be a splendid and joyous event? Should I seek for someone’s validation that showing a smile could already be a sign that I was enjoying the situation? How can I show the world how genuine my feelings are when I’d be practicing of faking it just to please a bunch of people I do not like? 

  • People who throw their trashes anywhere even though, there’s  a freakin’ garbage can.

We, people are stupid to easily answer questions in essay form on how can we save Mother Earth, how can we alleviate various forms of pollution and many environmental related questions that we knew the answers but couldn’t find the decency to act upon it. I was educated in a public school when I was in grade school and they educated me the value of throwing my trashes to its proper place. If there are no trash cans available, then my pocket or bag will be a good place to keep it for the mean time. I badly want to scream to this woman who threw her plastic container where a cupcake was used to be inside to the window of a public vehicle. I badly want to lecture these girls who threw pieces of paper outside the jeep. I want to talk to this boy who threw his plastic together with a straw outside the jeep while he could ask the man beside him to throw it in the trash can provided when he couldn’t reach it. I felt guilty that I was somehow involved in the process for not telling them that they shouldn’t be throwing garbage everywhere when there’s a provided trash can in the vehicle. 

So please, when you’re outside or anywhere, act upon the answers you’ve answered on your examinations since you were a kid on how to save this planet. Act upon the lessons you’ve learned along the way until you got your degree. These simple acts, may be of little value to some because it’s just trash, but for me, to people who are concerned of the place we live in and for our sake, please do it. These small acts could bring great results just as much as a little trash thrown away by a stranger could be turned into a pile of trashes by person A, B, C and so forth. 

This is also a major NO when you’re in a public place: SPITTING! Also, don’t spit on a kitchen’s sink. Better spit on the toilet bowl or a toilet’s sink. 

  • People who fool others to earn extra cash. 

Argh, corruption! Vill accompanied me this month to the company where I’ll be having my internship. We were delivering my files but commuting there was new to us especially we’ll be riding in a mini bus which is not fully air conditioned so we weren’t aware of how much the fare would be. As a commuter, I’d always ask how much the fare is and avail my student discount, the conductor told us how much the fare was so we paid the amount being asked. When we already delivered the files, Vill and I decided to go to the city, from the distance we were currently in at that time was too far and we assume the fare would be too pricey if we’d be going to the city but we still pursued the plan. Vill was too suspicious of the whole fare thing so he used a large amount of paper money, availed our student discounts and counted the change he received. We, then, realized that we were scammed by the first bus we rode in the morning. 

Apparently, a sneaky way to fool and steal money from innocent people. How can some have the nerve to steal such a little amount of money? Why not steal from those huge men who earn a bunch of it but in the illegal way? Why won’t some just work the cleanest way possible even though how little the pay could be? Why can’t we be honest? At least, your conscience is clean no matter the pay, right? 

In the same manner, when people couldn’t pay the exact money. I was going home one fine afternoon and a bunch of loud students were with me in the vehicle. They asked how much the fare was and I knew the amount since that was the address of the previous town we lived. They said it was too pricey for them. They even discussed with loud voices with insulting manner that let’s say five pesos would go for the gas, five pesos for the jeep and where would the two pesos go? Ugh, such nonsense. How badly I want to talk to them about inflation, the prices of gasoline, the high amount these drivers will pay for the jeeps they rent but I don’t want to ruin my day so I stayed quiet until this girl with them purposely said with a loud voice so the driver could hear her that she doesn’t have two pesos with a few sneaky glances with her friends so I grabbed my wallet from my bag, took two pesos from it and gave it to her while telling her nicely that she should pay the right amount because these drivers are also working to earn a living. While her friends paid first before her an amount that lacked six pesos. So it hit the nerve that I did that to a total stranger which was funny that the next day, I saw them at a fast food restaurant when I was waiting for Vill. 

  • People who are quite nosy and talkative especially when I’m not in the mood to talk. 

It’s how ironic that I have a public blog for the world to see but I’m also a reserved person at the same time. If you see and know me, it could only be the tip of the iceberg. You won’t see of what’s underneath all the ice. I value the things, lessons, realizations and experiences I have and once shared, please take note that it took me courage to open up and give people the advice they want to hear from me. I don’t like when people would get too nosy all of a sudden and thought we’re already friends in some level of closeness that they already have the rights to do so. No! You just couldn’t meddle in someone’s life and get to know them in a deeper level within a snap of a finger. Everything takes time and there’s the compatibility to consider. Also, I don’t like when people are too talkative and noisy that disturbs my very introverted soul.  If I’m reading, please leave me alone. I’m already happy with what I’m doing. No, just because I’m alone it doesn’t mean I’m already lonely. That’s a different case. 

  • People who say, ‘It’s easy for you to say.’

Exactly! Because I already have the experiences that somehow I can gave you pieces of advice and tips on how to solve the problem you’re in. It hurts me when people say that and I hate it. What can I do when you reject the things I say with ‘It’s easy for you to say.’? I may  not be in the situation you have but at least, I’m here to care. We may not be in the same situation but at least, I have the load of patience to not overreact and explode with your ‘It’s easy for you to say.’ It’s difficult to be in a situation which isn’t ideal to our liking but it’s more difficult if we reject ourselves and other people in the process just because we think that they’re not experiencing the things we’re now experiencing.

I’ve been blogging for more than five years but I only got this recognition from all of you, these comments I’m gaining from each post I make and the perks were also something I aspire to experience when I was just starting out but guess what, solely focusing on it would be tiresome. Why won’t focus on yourself on how to improve yourself and the blog itself? Why not realize what you’re good at, unleash it and let the world see it through your blog? Realize the purpose why you put up a blog in the first place. I know how difficult the pressure of reaching those ideals but those aren’t only basis to have a successful blog. Don’t focus on the numbers — number of followers, number of posts, number of comments and whatever it could be because it would just pressure you. It won’t somehow bring out the best in you. 

A bunch of tips and tutorials are out there. Choose a few of them that will be applicable to you and let’s see the results if it’s working or not. Don’t let a blog frustrate you to the extent that you lose yourself in the process. No, don’t do that. Take baby steps just how I did it when I also hoped the situation I’m now in —  reaching and connecting to one another.

‘It’s easy for you to say.’ Yeah, easy for me to say because been there, done that. Let the world see the real you and the rest will follow.

Otherwise, it could be a case-to-case basis. 

  • People who ‘Haha’ me. 

I feel like it’s an insulting and sarcastic comment when someone ‘Haha’ me in a comment, message or whatever given the discussion isn’t funny. Let the whole conversation be serious or too formal for your taste but at least, there’s no ‘Haha’ involved. If it’s funny, why not ‘Hahaha’ me? If it’s not funny, then, don’t ever utter a single ‘Ha!’. Oh please, just don’t do it if you’re talking to me. I can sense that somehow you’re bored with the conversation going on. It doesn’t interest you or what so just leave a sign that you don’t like to continue the talk we have by leaving it seen. 

This whole post basically revolved on the things I hate about people and I guess, some could relate to it or not but at least, you could get to know more of me in a note of what kind of people I hate and maybe it could be a caution for you to not ‘Haha’ me when we talk, or say ‘It’s easy for you to say’ or worse, smoke in front of me. *gasps*

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